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Bye, Bye Dry Eye

Scleral lenses are a type of contact lens that can be used to treat dry eye syndrome. Unlike standard contact lenses, scleral lenses cover the entire surface of your eye, protecting your eye from irritants such as wind, debris, and smoke. They can also help your eyes retain moisture by holding a layer of tears over the cornea, thus keeping it hydrated. This has been wonderful in patients who may have suffered a stroke or Bell’s Palsy and have trouble closing the lids completely.

Scleral lenses can be a good solution for dry eye relief when treatments such as artificial tears and steroidal eye drops aren’t effective. They are custom-made and can be more expensive than standard contact lenses. However, a single pair is made to last for as long as 3 years and can provide many benefits.

Possible side effects of scleral lenses include corneal swelling, corneal infections, extra blood vessels growing in the cornea, eye irritation, eye pain, and conjunctival prolapse. Scleral lenses are not recommended for everyone. When worn and maintained properly they can give the right candidate the best comfort.

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