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Say Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies

Updated: Mar 19

Itchy eyes? ‘Tis the season

 Those spring flowers are blooming their bright beautiful flowers. Pollen is in the air!

Here come the itchy watery eyes. Every year, like clockwork, millions of us in the Northeast start to pull out our tissues for the runny nose, watery eyes and that annoying itching! After a wet and dreary winter this year we cannot wait to get outside and bask in the warm glow of the sun no matter how much it makes us cry.

Eye drops, nasal sprays and oral medications treats allergic symptoms by blocking a certain natural substance (histamine). It is also a mast cell stabilizer that prevents allergic reactions by reducing the release of natural substances that cause an allergic reaction.

What are some other ways we can deal with allergies? What can we do to combat those symptoms?

Start Early. If you know your allergen and you read the pollen reports you know your season is starting soon. Get those histamine blockers working before the allergens start to bother you. Most allergy relief takes days to get working.

Protect yourself from allergens coming home with you. Wear hats and protective eye wear. You see the cars covered in pollen, well that pollen loves to stick to everything, our clothes, hair and those mucous membranes around the eyes. When you get home and rest your head on your pillow that pollen is just adhering to the pillow and rubbing back in your face. Hats and sunglasses act a protective barrier that you can remove. Wash your hair and face before bed, too.


We treat those symptoms early because once the body comes in contact with the allergens it reacts, becoming tougher to manage. People find relief in itching or rubbing their eyes but that makes these symptoms only get worse. Instead apply a cold compress to minimize the blood vessels and calm the reaction. It helps to reduce the puffiness and dark circles, as well as quell the itchy sensation.

If symptoms continue see your eye doctor about the best course of treatment for your eyes.

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